International Journal of Bioelectromagnetism
Vol. 8, No. 1, 2006.

    Jaakko Malmivuo
    Ragnar Granit Institute
    Tampere, Finland
    Special Editor:
    Fabio Babiloni
    University of Rome "La Sapienza"
    Rome, Italy



Fabio Babiloni
Estimate of Causality Between Cortical Spatial Patterns During Voluntary Movements in Normal Subjects. pp. 2-19.
Hovagim Bakardjian, Andrzej Cichocki, Febo Cincotti, Donatella Mattia, Fabio Babiloni, Maria Grazia Marciani, Fabrizio De Vico Fallani, Fumikazu Miwakeichi, Yoko Yamaguchi , Pablo Martinez, Serenella Salinari, Andrea Tocci,and Laura Astolfi
On the Accurate Anatomical Constraints in EEG/MEG Source Imaging. pp. 20-30.
Chang-Hwan Im and Bin He
Estimation of Cortical Activity and Connectivity Related to Memory Tasks by High Resolution EEG Recordings. pp. 31-43.
Febo Cincotti, Fabio Babiloni, Donatella Mattia, and Laura Astolfi
Simple Techniques for EEG Source Imaging. pp, 44-55.
Rolando Grave de Peralta Menendez, Patrice Morier, Fabienne Picard, Theodor Landis, and Sara L. Gonzalez Andino
Measurement of Dynamic Coupling of Independent EEG Components from Cognitive Tasks. pp. 56-62.
Bo Hong, Soumyadipta Acharya, Yixuan Ku, Shangkai Gao, and Nitish V. Thakor
Sensitivity Distribution Visualizations of Impedance Tomography Measurement Strategies. pp. 63-71.
Pasi Kauppinen, Jari Hyttinen, and Jaakko Malmivuo

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