Volume 3, Number 2, 2001.    


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International Journal of Bioelectromagnetism
8th Ragnar Granit Symposium & 1st CSC Scientific Meeting
LordHotel, Lönnrotinkatu 29, Helsinki, September 13-14, 2001.

Cardiovascular Hemodynamics -
From Modeling to Clinical Applications

Jaakko Malmivuo
Ragnar Granit Institute
Special Editors:
Pasi Kauppinen
Juha Nousiainen, Jari Viik
Ragnar Granit Institute



Symposium Opening. pp. 1-9.
J. Malmivuo
Symposium Opening
J. Järvinen
Introduction Lecture. pp. 10-11.
A. Harjula
Doppler and 3D Ultrasound
O. von Ramm
Modeling and Imaging the Cardiovascular System. pp. 12-19.
P.J. Kilner
Echocardiographic Assessment of Cardiac and Myocardial Function
K. Groundstroem
Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Cardiac Function
K. Lauerma
Impedance Cardiography. pp. 20-30.
P.K. Kauppinen, J. Hyttinen, T. Kööbi, S. Kaukinen, and J. Malmivuo
Ballistocardiography in Physical Training – Preliminary Study. p. 31.
R. Kettunen, J. Heikkinen, R. Sepponen, P. Sipola, T. Anttonen, A. Kilpeläinen, S. Koskinen, J. Ritola, R. von Hertzen, and E. Järvinen
Cardiac Output Monitoring - Continuous Measurement by Heat Transfer. pp. 32-38.
S.A.M. Nashef and S.L. Misso
Cardiac Output Monitoring Limitations and Goals for the Improvement
M. Salmenperä
Accurate Reconstruction of Vessels from MR Images. pp. 39-48.
J.R. Cebral, R. Löhner, and P.J. Yim
Segmentation of MR Images using Deformable Models: Application to Cardiac Images. pp. 49-58.
J.M.P. Lötjönen
Segmentation of Voxel Based Medical Images. pp. 59-64.
T. Heinonen and P. Dastidar
Modeling Cardiac Ventricular Activation. pp. 65-75.
K. Simelius, J. Nenonen, and M. Horáček
Combining the Electrical and Mechanical Functions of the Heart. pp. 76-93.
F.B. Sachse, G. Seemann, and C.D. Werner
Blood Flow Predictions During Neuro-Surgery and Carotid Artery Stenting
J.R. Cebral, R. Löhner, P.J. Yim, and J.E. Burgess
Computational Medicine and Virtual Patient – From Experiments to Tools: Summing-up the Symposium. p. 94.
J. Hyttinen


Official journal of the International Society for Bioelectromagnetism