International Journal of Bioelectromagnetism
Vol. 20, No. 1, December 2018.

    Jaakko Malmivuo
    Technische Universität Berlin
    Berlin, Germany

    Fabio Babiloni
    University of Rome "La Sapienza"
    Rome, Italy

    Guest Editor
    Steffen Leonhardt
    RWTH Aachen University
    Aachen, Germany

    Associate Editor
    Kazuo Yana
    Hosei University
    Tokyo, Japan



Front Matter, Introductory Words
Steffen Leonhardt
Areas of Effectiveness of Defibrillating Pulse in the Energy/Phase Diagram for the Fibrillation Cycle on the Cardiomyocyte Model. pp. 1-4.
Boris Gorbunov, Vyacheslav Vostrikov, Igor Nesterenko, and Dmitry Telyshev
Nonlinear Model Order Reduction of Thermoelectric Generator for Electrically Active Implants. pp. 5-7.
Onkar Jadhav, Cheng Dong Yuan, Evgenii Rudnyi, Dennis Hohlfeld, and Tamara Bechtold
On the Measurement of the Dielectric Properties of Anisotropic Biological Tissues using Electrical Impedance. pp. 8-11.
Hyeuknam Kwon, Seward Rutkove, and Benjamin Sanchez
Occlusive Multichannel Electrical Impedance System of Peripheral Vein Detection. pp. 12-14.
Mugeb Al-Harosh
Identification of Acute Coronary Syndrome via Body-surface Mapping and Inverse Electrocardiography. pp. 15-17.
Scott B. Marrus, Menghao Zhang, and R. Martin Arthur
Are Thigh and Calf Bioimpedance Spectroscopy less Susceptible to the Influence of Body Posture during Continuous Applications? pp. 18-21.
Abdul Hamid Ismail, Carlos Castelar, and Steffen Leonhardt
Investigation of ECG Amplitude-phase Coupling Mechanisms. pp. 22-25.
Sergey Permyakov, Lyudmila Sushkova, and Artemiy Kuznetshov
Noninvasive Detection of Magnetic Particles in Biological Nanomaterials using Magnetic Field Sensors. pp. 26-27.
Levan Ichkitidze, Sergei Selishchev, and Michail Belodedov
Evaluation of the Electrode System Pressure Force Influence on Neuromuscular Activity Signals. pp. 28-31.
Andrey Briko, Chvanova Julia, Alexander Kobelev, and Sergey Shchukin
Body Impedance Spectroscopy Based on Processing of Step Response. pp. 32-35.
Uwe Pliquett, Ngoc Duc Nguyen, Dinh Yen Trinh, Thi Thuong Nguyen, and Le Manh Hai
Zeta Potential of Cell Surface - Nanoenvironment Interaction Assessment. pp. 36-38.
Djamel Eddine Chafai, Ingrida Nemogová, Pavel Dráber, and Michal Cifra
Real-time MEG Data-Processing Unit for Online Medical Imaging and Brain-Computer Interface: a Model-Based Approach. pp. 39-42.
Tao Chen, Sergey Suslov, Michael Schiek, Jürgen Dammers, N. Jon Shah, and Stefan van Waasen
Peripheral Vascular Impedance Plethysmography for Respiratory Rate Estimation using Beat-to-Beat Features. pp. 43-46.
Michael Klum, Dennis Osterland, Alexandru-Gabriel Pielmus, Timo Tigges, and Reinhold Orglmeister
Arrhythmia Analysis in a Non-contact cECG Chair using Convolutional Neural Network. pp. 47-50.
Anake Pomprapa, Waqar Ahmed, André Stollenwerk, Stefan Kowalewski, and Steffen Leonhardt
Development of an Electrical Phantom for Multi-Frequency Electrical Impedance Tomography based on the Visible Human Project. pp. 51-54.
Tobias Menden, Jakob Orschulik, Mazen Slimi, Steffen Leonhardt, and Marian Walter
Bio-Impedance Analysis using Minimalistic Hardware. pp. 55-58.
Chris Gansauge, Danny Echtermeyer, Yahor Zaikou, Viktor Schroeder, Mario Saupe, Jörg Schemberg, and Uwe Pliquett
Detection of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome using Sectoral Bioimpedance Spectroscopy - a Pilot Study. pp. 59-62.
Jakob Orschulik, Nadine Hochhausen, Susana Aguiar Santos, Michael Czaplik, Steffen Leonhardt, and Marian Walter
Cerebrospinal Fluid Thermoimpedancemetry as a Method of Brain Diseases Diagnostics. pp. 63-65.
Viktoria Kapralova, Nataliya Vaskova, Evgeniy Shadrin, Aleksandr Ilinsky, Oleksandr Gryshkov and Birgit Glasmacher
Possibilities of Joint Application of Acoustic Radiation and Direct Magnetic Field for Biomedical Research. pp. 66-67.
Igor Bondarenko, Oleg Avrunin, Oleksandr Gryshkov, and Birgit Glasmacher
The Distribution of the Velocity and Pressure Fields in the Nasal Cavity at Different Respiration Modes. pp. 68-71.
Yana Nosova, Oleg Avrunin, Natalia Shusliapina, Oleksandr Gryshkov, and Birgit Glasmacher
Image Processing for Automated Microscopic Analysis of Ice Recrystallization Process during Isothermal Annealing. pp. 72-75.
Maryna Prykhodko, Maksym Tymkovych, Oleg Avrunin, Vitalii Mutsenko, Oleksandr Gryshkov, and Birgit Glasmacher
Bioimpedance Spectro-tomography System using Binary Multifrequency Excitation. pp. 76-79.
Mart Min, Mari Lehti-Polojärvi, and Jari Hyttinen
Development of a Test Bench for the Characterization of Movement Artifacts in Smart Textile Systems. pp. 80-83.
Akram Idrissi, Malte Kaiser, Simon Albrecht, Sebastian Richert, Thomas Gries, and Andreas Blaeser
Microgravity Effect and Efficacy of High Intensity Jump Training on Default Mode Network Alterations during Light Sleep on Extreme Environments. pp. 84-87.
Christos Frantzidis, Christina Plomariti, Sotiria Gilou, Polyxeni Gkivogkli, Dimitris Fotopoulos, Giorgos Ntakakis, Evangelos Paraskevopoulos, Chrysoula Kourtidou-Papadeli, and Panagiotis Bamidis
The Electrical Impedance Method of the Muscle Blood Supply Definition in Damaged Intervertebral Discs Area. pp. 88-91.
Andrew Blinow and Sergey Shchukin
An Engineer’s Aapproach: How Can 10-100 µT, 10-100 Hz Magnetic Field Influence Human Cardiovascular Regulation? pp. 92-95.
Joël Niederhauser
Pilot Characterization of Human Bones by Spectroscopic Techniques. pp. 96-98.
Angelica Hernandez Rayas, Francisco Vargas Luna, Teodoro Cordova Fraga, Martha Hernández Gonzalez, Nicolás Padilla Raigoza, and Octavio Jiménez Gonzalez
Inter-modal and Intra-modal Interference in a Multi-Modal Sensor for Non-contact Monitoring of Vital Signs in Patient Beds. pp. 99-102.
Xinchi Yu, Wilko Neu, Pascal Vetter, Cornelius Bollheimer, Steffen Leonhardt, and Daniel Teichmann


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