Volume 2, Number 2, 2000.    


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International Journal of Bioelectromagnetism
Special Issue on

CardioModel 2000

    Jaakko Malmivuo
    Ragnar Granit Institute
    Tampere, Finland

    Special Editors:
    Frank B. Sachse, Olaf Dössel
    Ingo H. de Boer
    University of Karlsruhe,


| Plenary Talks | Cellular Electrophysiology | Excitation Propagation | Anatomy | Electromechanical Coupling | Cardiac Imaging and Image Processing | Inverse Problems | Forward Problems | Various Topics |

Documents by Authors. pp. i-iv.
Documents by Keywords. pp. v-viii.


Introduction. pp. 1-2.
F. B. Sachse
Cardiac Structure-Function Relations In Silico. pp. 3-11.
A. D. McCulloch
Computational Biology of Propagation in Excitable Media Models of Cardiac Tissue. pp. 12-30.
A. V. Holden and V. N. Biktashev
Re-entry in Computational Models of Heterogenous and Abnormal Myocardium. pp. 31-41.
R. H. Clayton and A. V. Holden
Mathematical Model of the Electrical Activity of Ventricular Cell: Regional Differences and Propagation. pp. 42-53.
Z. Li, H. Zhang, A. V. Holden, and C. H. Orchard
The Hybrid Method: Simulation of the Electrical Activity of the Human Heart. pp. 54-67.
T. Aschenbrenner
Computer Modelling of the Sinoatrial Node. pp. 68-86.
H. Zhang, A. V. Holden, and M. R. Boyett
A Computer Model of Atrial Arrhythmias. pp. 87-95.
O. Blanc, N. Virag, O. Egger, J.-M. Vesin, and L. Kappenberger
Electrical Propagation in the Human Heart. pp. 96-117.
C. W. Werner, F. B. Sachse, and O. Dössel
Spiral Wave Dynamics in Two Dimensional Isotropic Models of Mammalian Ventricular Tissue. pp. 118-129.
G. P. Kremmydas and A. V. Holden
Anisotropic Propagation Model of Ventricular Myocardium. pp. 130-138.
K. Simelius, J. Nenonen, R. Hren, and B. M. Horáček
Adaptive Growth and Optimization of Coronary Arterial Tree Models. pp. 139-143.
W. Schreiner, R. Karch, F. Neumann, M. Neumann, S. M. Rödler, and A. End
A Structural Model of Atrial Anatomy in the Pig. pp. 144-158.
A. Steingötter, O. Dössel, J. W. Covell, and A. D. McCulloch
Modelling of the Cardiac Mechano-Electrical Feedback. pp. 159-182.
F. B. Sachse, G. Seemann, C. Riedel, C. D. Werner, and O. Dössel
Mathematical Model of the Electromechanical Heart Contractile System - Simulation Results. pp. 183-199.
V. Novak and J. Neumann
Methods for Determination of Electrode Positions in Tomographic Images. pp. 200-239.
I. H. de Boer, F. B. Sachse, S. Mang, and O. Dössel
Study of Respiratory Motion of the Heart in Coronary MR Angiography. pp. 240-247.
D. Manke, K. Nehrke, P. Rösch, and O. Dössel
Advanced Navigator Techniques. pp. 248-254.
K. Nehrke and D. Manke
An Energy-Minimizing Model for Reconstruction of the Endocardium and Correction of Motion Artifacts in Transesophageal Ultrasound-Sequences. pp. 255-261.
O. Ziermann and D. Meyer-Ebrecht
Inverse Problem of Electro- and Magnetocardiography: Review and Recent Progress. pp. 262-285.
O. Dössel
An experimental-computational framework for validating in-vivo ECG inverse algorithms. pp. 286-292.
M. P. Nash, C. P. Bradley, L. K. Cheng, A. J. Pullan, and D. J. Paterson
Numerical Experiments for Noninvasive Activation Time Imaging with Different ECGs and MCC Mapping Systems. pp. 293-302.
R. Modre, B. Tilg, G. Fischer, and P. Wach
Visualization Procedures for Volume and Surface Current Density Distributions in Cardiac Regions. pp. 303-312.
M. Ziolkowski, J. Haueisen, and U. Leder
Myocardial Anisotropy Dependent Changes on Torso Currents and Magnetic Fields. pp. 313-320.
C. Ramon, Y. Wang, P. Schimpf, J. Haueisen, S. Jaruwatanadilok, and A. Ishimaru
Myocardial Anisotropy and Multiphasic Electrograms - Simulation Study in a Monoventricular Model. pp. 321-340.
L. Guerri, P. Colli Franzone, M. Pennacchio, and B. Taccardi
On the Effects of Model Errors on Forward and Inverse ECG Problems. pp. 341-351.
J. Hyttinen, H.-G. Puurtinen, P. Kauppinen, J. Nousiainen, P. Laarne, and J. Malmivuo
Neuronal and Hormonal Cardiac Control Processes in a Model of the Human Circulatory System. pp. 352-361.
E. Naujokat and U. Kiencke
Appendix. pp. 362-365.
E. Naujokat and U. Kiencke
Computer Modelling and Lead Field Theory in the Analysis and Development of Impedance Cardiography. pp. 366-375.
P. Kauppinen, J.A.K. Hyttinen, T. Kööbi, S. Kaukinen, and J. Malmivuo
Selective Averaging of QRS Complexes in Magnetocardiograms. pp. 376-382.
J. Haueisen, U. Tenner, M. Huck, U. Leder, and H. Nowak


Official journal of the International Society for Bioelectromagnetism