International Journal of Bioelectromagnetism
Vol. 16, No. 1, December 2014.

    Kazuo Yana
    Department of Applied Informatics
    Hosei University
    Tokyo, Japan

    Guest Editor
    Hisashi Yoshida
    Faculty of Biology-Oriented
        Science and Technology

    Kinki University, Japan



Optimizing Microscopic Magnetic Fields for Neuronal Stimulation. pp. 1-31.
Giorgio Bonmassar, John Gale, and Wim Vanduffel
A new Index for Evaluating Instantaneous Heart Rate Reconstruction Accuracy. pp. 32-35.
Ichiro Joja, Naoto Higuchi, Hidenao Nagai, Mitsuki Aihara, and Kazuo Yana
Heart Rate Pattern Classification based on a Binary Classification Scheme. pp. 36-39.
Shohei Yamashita, Koichiro Yamashiro, and Kazuo Yana


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