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International Journal of Bioelectromagnetism
Vol.15, No.1, December 2013


Editor in Chief
Kazuo Yana
Department of Applied Informatics
Hosei University. Japan

Guest Editors
Sergio Cerutti and Luca Mainardi
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Politecnico di Milano, Italy



Vital Signs Processing and e-Health

Unsupervised Heart Rate Variability Estimation from Ballistocardiograms
Christoph Brüser, Stefan Winter, Steffen Leonhardtr

An Activity Classifier based on Heart Rate and Accelerometer Data Fusion
Davide Curone, Emanuele L Secco, Alessandro Tognetti, Giovanni Magenes

Statistical Characterization of Actigraphy Data for Sleep/Wake Assessment

Alexandre Domingues, Teresa Paiva, and J. M. Sanches

Biosignal Processing Methods to Guide Cardiac Patients to Perform Safe and Beneficial Exercise for Rehabilitation
Hilkka Runtti, Anita Honka, Ioanna Chouvarda, Emmanouil Michail, Athina Kokonozi, Juho Merilahti, Juha Pärkkä, Mark van Gils

Atrial Fibrillation Detection using a Smart Phone
Jinseok Lee, Bersain A. Reyes, Oscar Mathias, David D. McManus, and Ki H. Chon

Temporal Variation in telemonitoring data: on the Effect of Medication and Lifestyle Compliance
I.G. Chouvarda, R. Antony, A. Torabi, J Caffarel, M. van Gils, J. Cleland, and N Maglaveras

Signal Processing in Atrial Fibrillation

Noninvasive Predictors of Atrial Fibrillation Early Recurrence After Electrical Cardioversion and their Link to Atrial Remodeling
Raúl Alcaraz, Fernando Hornero, and José Joaquín Rieta

Non-invasive, Robust Estimation of Refractory Period of Atrioventricular Node during
Atrial Fibrillation
Valentina D.A. Corino, Frida Sandberg, Luca T. Mainardi, and Leif Sörnmo

Heart Rate Variability and Biological Rhythm Analysis

Effect of Body Motion to Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia with Different Timings of Respiration
Takashi Numata, Kiyoshi Kotani, and Yasuhiko Jimbo

Filtering of Pathological Ventricular Rhythms during MRI Scanning

Julien Oster, Matthieu Geist, Olivier Pietquin, Gari D Clifford

Details on the Application of Multiresolution Wavelet Analysis on Heartbeat Timeseries
George Manis, Petros Arsenos, Stavros Nikolopoulos, Konstantinos Gatzoulis, and
Christodoulos Stefanadis

Autonomic State Classification based on Incremental Heart Rate Spectra
Shunya Kaneko, Yutaka Yasumoto, Kazuo Yana, and Takuya Ono

Signal Processing in Cardiac and Respiratory Systems

Polynomial Decomposition for a P-wave Detection and Analysis
Anton V Khomyakov, Valentina DA Corino, Luca T Mainardi, and Gennadiy I Scherbakov

Detecting Acute Myocardial Ischemia by Evaluation of QRS Angles
Daniel Romero, Pablo Laguna, and Esther Pueyo

Fetal QRS Detection by means of Kalman Filtering and using the Event Synchronous
Sebastian Zaunseder, Fernando Andreotti, Marcos Cruz, Holger Stepan, Claudia Schmieder
Niels Wessel, Alexander Jank, and Hagen Malberg

T-wave Alternans Dependency on T-wave Amplitude in Exercise Electrocardiographic Recordings
Laura Burattini, Sum C Man, and Cees A Swenne

Extraction of Direct Respiratory Influences from the Tachogram using Multiscale Principal Component Analysis
Devy Widjaja, Ilse Van Diest, and Sabine Van Huffel

Assessing Nonlinear Properties in Breathing Signals from Preterm Infants
Xavier Navarro, Fabienne Porée, Alain Beuchée, and Guy Carrault

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