International Journal of Bioelectromagnetism
Vol. 14, No. 1, February 2012.

Selected Papers from the
8th International Congress on Bioelectromagnetism

Banff, Canada 13.-16. May 2011

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    Kazuo Yana
    Hosei University
    Tokyo, Japan

    Guest Editor
    Zoltan Koles
    University of Alberta
    Edmonton, Canada



Zoltan Koles and Kazuo Yana
Heart-Signal Analysis  
The Influence of OpenLoop Currents on Bioelectric and Biomagnetic Measurements: A Phantom Study. pp. 2-5.
Jens Haueisen, Alexander Dietzel, Mario Liehr, Thomas Weiser, Tarek Elsarnagawy, Matthias E. Bellemann
Model-Based Investigation of Transmural Gradients in Activation Rate During Ventricular Fibrillation. pp. 6-10.
Patrick M. Boyle, Kumar Nanthakumar, Edward J. Vigmond
Spatiotemporal Cardiac Activation Sites Localization Using ECG Precordial Leads. pp. 11-16.
Jaime R. De La Cruz, Joseph H.Pierluissi, Ubaldo Robles, Zainul Abedin
A Method for ECG T-Wave Alternans Detection Based on Segmented Phase Curve Distance. pp. 17-21.
Masaki Nozawa, Kazuo Yana, Ryota Seki, Kunihiro Yoshino and Takuya Ono
Magnetic vs Sphygmomanometry Cardiac Pressure. pp. 22-26.
T. Cordova, F. Gomez, L. Romero, M.A. Hernadez, S. Solorio, M. Sosa, and J. Bernal
Bioelectromagnetic Signal Analysis  
Effect of Dura Layer on Scalp EEG Simulations. pp. 27-28.
Ceon Ramon
On the accuracy of collocation and Galerkin BEM in the EEG/MEG forward problem. pp. 29-33.
Matti Stenroos, Jukka Nenonen
Volterra-Hansen Theory of Event-Related Transients Modulated by Inter-Event Intervals. pp. 34-39.
Mark E. Pflieger
Nested Implicit Runge]Kutta Method for Simulating Cardiac Cell Models. pp. 40-45.
Justin Grenier and Youssef Belhamadia
Comparison of Figures of Merits in Linear Inverse Problems. pp. 46-50.
Bojana Petkovic, Roland Eichardt, Daniel Baumgarten, Uwe Graichen, Jens Haueisen, and Luca Di Rienzo
Efficient Identification of Oblique Volterra Systems. pp. 51-55.
Mark E. Pflieger
Scalp Thickness Adjustment of Laplacian Estimates of Cortical Potential. pp. 56-59.
William Winter, Siyi Deng, and Ramesh Srinivasan
Automatic Generation of High-Resolution Anisotropic FE Models for EEG/MEG Source Reconstruction. pp. 60-64.
Daniel Gullmar, Christoph Dinha, Jens Haueisen, and Jurgen R. Reichenbach
The Relationship between Conductivity Uncertainties and EEG Source Localization Accuracy. pp. 65-68.
Huishi Zhang, Lin Yang, and Bin He
A Method to Remove MRI Artifact from Continuous EEG Based on the Combination of FASTR and ARX. pp. 69-73.
ZhenYu Wang, Peng Xu, TieJun Liu, Xu Lei and Dezhong Yao
Auditory Brain Functioning and MEG  
Differential offset and onset responses to interruptions and resumptions of verbal streams in the human auditory cortex. pp. 74-79.
Sunao Iwaki, Takashi Hamada, and Tsuneo Kawano


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