International Journal of Bioelectromagnetism
Vol. 12, No. 3, July 2010.

    Kazuo Yana
    Department of Applied Informatics
    Hosei University
    Tokyo, Japan

    Guest Editor
    Ki H. Chon
    Life Sciences and Bioengineering Center
    Worcester Polytechnic Institute
    Worcester, U.S.A.



Foreword. p. 94.
Kazuo Yana and Ki H Chon
Pulse Transit Time Variability versus Heart Rate Variability during Decreases in the Amplitude Fluctuations of Photoplethysmography Signal. pp. 95-101.
Eduardo Gil, José María Vergara, and Pablo Laguna
Effects of 14 Days Head-down Tilt Bed Rest on Autonomic Response. pp. 102-107.
Manuela Ferrario, Federico Aletti, Enrico Tam, Michela Cautero, Carlo Capelli, Maria G. Signorini, and G. Baselli
Investigating Amiodarone Arrhythmia Treatment. pp. 108-113.
Tatjana Loncar-Turukalo, Branislav Milovanovic, Dragana Bajic
Delineation of Systolic and Diastolic Heart Murmurs via Wavelet Transform and Autoregressive Modeling. pp. 114-120.
James Ning and Nikolay Atanasov
Association of Local Statistics of Locomotor Activity with Momentary Depressive Mood. pp. 121-126.
Toru Nakamura, Motoki Sone, Naoko Aoyagi, Zbigniew R. Struzik, and Yoshiharu Yamamoto
Decoding Perceptual States from Local Field Potentials in Visual Cortex during Generalized Flash Suppression. pp. 127-132.
Hongmiao Zhang and Hualou Liang
Anatomic Reentry: Insights from a Parametric Study in a Simple 3D Anisotropic Wedge Model. pp. 133-151.
Mihaela Pop, Maxime Sermesant, Jean-Marc Peyratt, Eugene Crystal, Alexander J. Dick, and Graham A. Wright


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