International Journal of Bioelectromagnetism
Vol. 11, No. 4, 2009.

Proceedings of the
7th International Conference on Bioelectromagnetism

University of Rome "La Sapienza", Rome, Italy, 29-31.5.2009.

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    Kazuo Yana
    Hosei University
    Tokyo, Japan

    Contributing Associate Editor
    Fabio Babiloni
    University of Rome "La Sapienza"
    Rome, Italy

    Guest Editors
    Fabrizio de Vico Fallani
    IRCCS Fondazione Santa Lucia
    University of Rome "La Sapienza"
    Rome, Italy

    Ana Susac
    Department of Physics
    University of Zagreb
    Zagreb, Croatia



Foreword. p. 149.
Fabrizio de Vico Fallani, Ana Susac, Fabio Babiloni, and Kazuo Yana
Reconstruction of Time Correlations among Multiple Oscillatory Neural Activities by Beamformer Analysis to MEG. pp. 150-154.
Yoshikazu Iijima, Yumie Ono, Kanako Dowaki, Atushi Ishiyama, and Naoko Kasai
Multivariate Matching Pursuit in the Analysis of Single-trial Latency of the Auditory M100 Acquired with MEG. pp. 155-160.
Cezary Sieluzycki, Rafal‚ Kus, Artur Matysiak, Piotr J. Durka, and Reinhard König
Network Parameters for Studying Functional Connectivity in Brain MEG Data. pp. 161-169.
F. Di Grazia, F. Sapuppo, D. Shannahoff-Khalsa, and M. Bucolo
Feasibility Study of the Time-Variant Functional Connectivity Pattern during an Epileptic Seizure. pp. 170-174.
Pieter van Mierlo, Hans Hallez, Sara Assecondi, Steven Staelens, Evelien Carrette, Ignace Lemahieu, and Paul Boon
Epileptic Source Localization: Deep Electrode Measurements versus Scalp EEG. pp. 175-178.
A.D. Duru and A. Ademoglu
EEG source localization Based on Dynamic Bayesian Estimation Techniques. pp. 179-184.
Javier M. Antelis and Javier Minguez
A Wavelet Methodology for EEG Time-frequency Analysis in a Time Discrimination Task. pp. 185-188.
Costanza D'Avanzo, Vincenza Tarantino, Patrizia Bisiacchi, and Giovanni Sparacino
Spectral and Coherence Analysis of EEG during Intermittent Photic Stimulation in Patients with Photosensitive Epilepsy. pp. 189-193.
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F. Zappasodi, S. Pittaccio, S. Viscuso, F. Mastrolilli, M. Ercolani, C. Porcaro, F. Passarelli, F. Molteni, P. M. Rossini, and F. Tecchio


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