International Journal of Bioelectromagnetism, IJBEM

The Journal

The International Society of Bioelectromagnetism, ISBEM, established in 1999 the International Journal of Bioelectromagnetism, IJBEM. It is a peer-reviewed open access international scientific journal on the Internet devoted to the advancement and dissemination of scientific knowledge concerning bioelectromagnetism and related disciplines. With the 20 years’ history it is, therefore, one of the firsts, if not the very first open access scientific journal on the Internet. It is published two times per year and only in the English language. A printed version of the Journal is occasionally also available.

The Scope of Bioelectromagnetism

The discipline of bioelectromagnetism examines the electric, electromagnetic and magnetic phenomena which arise in biological tissues. These include

  • Measurement of electric and magnetic fields from bioelectric sources.
  • Electric and magnetic stimulation.
  • Measurement of electric impedance and magnetic susceptibility of biological tissues.
Characteristic properties of bioelectric and biomagnetic signals are that:
  • Their information spreads immediately throughout the whole body.
  • Their measurement may be done non-invasively.
  • Their source may be solved with reasonable accuracy.
  • They may be used for producing temporally and spatially controlled stimulation and that,
  • They generate only a minimal amount of side effects and these are well known.

The elementary bioelectric source is an activating nerve or muscle cell. These form the peripheral and central nervous systems, especially the brain, as well as the skeletal and internal muscular systems, especially the cardiac muscle. The main application areas of bioelectromagnetism are basic and applied research in all these areas.

The Aim of the IJBEM

The aim of the discipline of bioelectromagnetism is to increase the understanding of the theory of bioelectric and biomagnetic phenomena and to facilitate their application for improving the diagnosis and therapy of diseases as well as the measurement and monitoring of physiological parameters also in healthy subjects. It is the aim of the International Journal of Bioelectromagnetism to be the fundamental and widely applicable forum for promoting this scope.

Publishing in the IJBEM

The IJBEM accepts original scientific articles, review articles, short communications, case reports, technical communications and clinical reviews from the field of bioelectromagnetism. The articles may discuss basic research as well as the application of bioelectromagnetic phenomena in clinical diagnosis and therapy. Articles discussing the detection, computerized processing, analysis and imaging of bioelectromagnetic signals fall centrally in the area of IJBEM. Articles discussing the use of electric and magnetic fields in stimulation are welcome as well.

Publishing in the IJBEM is free of charge for members of the International Society for Bioelectromagnetism ( From non-members, it is charged 250 € for a published article.

ISSN 1456-7865 (Online)
ISSN 1456-7857 (Print)